The folk ensemble “Shavnabada” was founded in 2005. Its members were all schooled in the “Martve” and “Bichebi” academic boys’ folk choirs and its repertoire includes folk songs, church chants and Georgian instrumental music.
When The Patriarch, Ilia II, travels both in Georgia and abroad, Shavanabada accompany him as they are also members of the Georgian Patriarchal Choir. They also chant at the Holy Cathedral in Tbilisi.
“Shavnabada” has successfully participated in many different folk festivals and concerts and were, in 2005 conferred the rank of “laureate” in a nomination for ‘Preserving Georgian folk songs’
Shavnabada have 4 CD’s and one DVD.

Gaga Abashidze

Middle and Bass voice

Misha Javakhishvili
Top and Middle voice
Kote Amashukeli
Top and Middle voice
Giorgi Narmania

Top voice

Bacho Tsiklauri

Top and Middle voice

Lasha Bedenashvili
Top and Yodle (krimanchuli) voice 
Avto Megrelishvili
Bass voice
Irakli Kopaliani
Bass voice
Giorgi Svanidze
Bass voice
Giorgi Kananadze
Bass voice
Saba Kemularia
Bass voice
David Maziashvili

Bass voice

Dato Tsintsadze
Yodel (krimanchuli) and Bass voice
(Artistic Director)